It makes your mouth water just to look at it!!!!!!

This is the story of the Egg and Bacon Cake - Would you believe there are  72 eggs in this cake!!!!!!!

You don't need to be too fussy about the recipe - but here is how I go about creating this delicious cake which is ideal to have as a standby snack. You need lots of eggs!

To the 72 eggs ( obviously you don't need to make it as big as I do - you can scale it down) I add 2 packets (1½ kg of Lion Pastry Mix and zap this mixture with a stick beater. Sure I put in a bit of Murray River Salt - about a table spoon. Freshly ground black pepper to taste. Onions next about 5 big ones - I cried today. And garlic,  a whole corm. I saute the onions and garlic before I add them to the mix.  Where would life be without herbs? A couple of table spoons of mixed herbs. About the same amount of hot mustard powder. The bacon, at least 500 grams needs to be fried so that it is almost crispy. A packet of frozen peas adds to the flavour and makes sure the cake looks good when it is cut. I am a great believer in quality cheese and generally use Mainland Tasty - most of which i add to the mixture but as you can see a fair bit goes on top as well - about a kilo. At this stage I start to add the cost of ingredients   and I reckon in total this costs about $70.00!!!!!  but it lasts a long time and it is worth every cent! 


When I am adding the cheese I also use a reasonably generous amount of Parmesan and although Barb can't stand the smell of it it does add to the taste.   On this occasion I added a bit of sweet corn - but only because it was right there as I got the peas out of the freezer. Cooked for 1½ hours at 220°C and it looks very tasty. I cut it into blocks when cool and wrap individually before I freeze it.

To serve I put a block in the microwave and zap it for just long enough so that I can slice it - about 2-3 minutes and cut it into slices about 20mm thick and grill or fry it.

OOOps - you know how you lie in bed at night and have that nagging feeling you have forgotten something - well it's the capsicum of course!!! 2 red ones and 2 green ones went into this cake - make sure you saute them in hot oil to bring out the flavour.

Sorry about that - Cheers Hugh



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