Since 1889 the "Cally" has been providing a refreshing respite to the weary traveller on their way through Broken Hill, New South Wales. The Caledonian Hotel was de-licensed in 1999 and has continued to provide High Quality accommodation services to this day. Fully renovated to high standards Barb and Hugh offer a personal, intimate service to all guests during their stay in the "Silver City"

Early History

Transcript:- Gordon Alexander Marshall
Grandfather- Proud of his Scots descent, was the Chieftain of the Broken Hill Caledonian Society which he inaugurated in 1894. Sports were held every year on their National Day (1st January) and it was probably at one of these events that his picture was taken.
Can you imagine dressing up like in Broken Hill in mid Summer. No wonder he was wearing a pith helmet under the black umbrella!!!
It seems that Grandfather’s venture into the hotel business was not a great success – shortly after opening there was a miner’s strike and the miners said “You stand by us Alex and we will stand by you” however it seems they didn’t and Grandfather was left with a lot of unpaid accounts.
He also imported some very fine Scots whisky called “Bullock Laid” which did not find favour with the locals and remained unsold.
My father, the sixth of nine children was at boarding school in Adelaide at the time and was recalled to work on the Silverton Tramway to help the family finances. I trust that these snippets of history will be of some interest to you and that you will find a place in your hotel for the photograph of it’s Founder.
Wishing you every success for your future prosperity
Sincerely Yours – John Marshall

The Caledonian today

First licensed in April of 1898 but operated as a butchers shop for some years prior to becoming ‘The Caledonian Hotel’

Gordon Alexander Marshall, who built the hotel, had business dealings with Sydney Kidman and a year after the hotel was licensed he sold to Owen Joseph O’Neill –he was the licensee from 1899 until 1905. The Cally had a succession of licensees until it ceased trading as an hotel in late 1999 when the license was transferred to the Wales Club just in time for the Olympics in Sydney.

Barb and Hugh bought the building late in 2001 and have operated as a bed and breakfast which opened officially in September of 2002.

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